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 xbox360.headliner.org : automatically the latest news
04-02-23 (15:45)   Feature: These 10+ Games Are Coming To Xbox Next Week (February 6-10) (Pure Xbox)
03-02-23 (20:55)   Dead Space developer also made the worst/best Xbox 360 game (Polygon)
03-02-23 (17:56)   Microsoft says the Xbox 360 Marketplace will still be around after May 2023 (Neowin.net)
03-02-23 (16:43)   Xbox 360 Marketplace Shutdown 'Posted in Error' Says Microsoft (IGN.com)
03-02-23 (15:55)   No, Xbox 360 Marketplace Isn't Closing In May (GameSpot)
03-02-23 (10:31)   Xbox 360 'May 2023' Closure Message Was An Error, Says Microsoft (Pure Xbox)
03-02-23 (09:06)   Daytona USA was one of the miracles of the XBLA era, so grab it while you can (Eurogamer.net)
03-02-23 (02:43)   Microsoft says its message about the Xbox 360 closing in May was "posted in error" (GamesRadar)
03-02-23 (02:35)   The Xbox 360 store won't be closing down, despite what an Xbox support page says (TheVerge)
03-02-23 (01:45)   Microsoft Reveals Xbox 360 Marketplace Will Close In The Near Future (Pure Xbox)
02-02-23 (18:12)   From Skate 2 to Sega's best arcade game, these Xbox 360 classics will soon be gone from digital stores forever (GamesRadar)
02-02-23 (16:01)   New HP Pro x360 Fortis designed for working and learning at home, school and anywhere else (Microsoft Blogs)
02-02-23 (12:59)   Microsoft yanks some of Xbox 360's best games from the Marketplace (Pocket-lint)
01-02-23 (17:33)   Microsoft is Delisting Over 40 Games From its Xbox 360 Marketplace (Thurrott.com)
01-02-23 (15:58)   Microsoft to remove 'Far Cry 2', 'Mass Effect 2' 'CS:GO' and more from Xbox 360 Marketplace (NME.COM)
01-02-23 (15:00)   Xbox 360 Marketplace Purge Sees Dark Souls, The Witcher 2, and More Removed Next Week (IGN.com)
01-02-23 (13:45)   These 18 Games Could Be Permanently Delisted On Xbox Next Week (Pure Xbox)
01-02-23 (12:37)   Xbox 360 Marketplace Set To Delist More Than 40 Games Next Week (DualShockers)
01-02-23 (11:49)   Microsoft delisting range of top Xbox 360 games from console's marketplace (Eurogamer.net)
01-02-23 (10:57)   Best HP laptop deals: HP Envy, HP Spectre x360, and more (Digital Trends)
01-02-23 (02:49)   Microsoft is pulling many beloved games off the Xbox 360 store next week (TheVerge)
31-01-23 (23:16)   Microsoft Announces 40+ Games Being Removed From The Xbox 360 Marketplace (Pure Xbox)
31-01-23 (23:05)   Microsoft Is Removing Dozens Of Games From The Xbox 360 Marketplace In February (GameInformer.com)
31-01-23 (22:55)   Xbox 360 Dumping 45+ Old Games And DLC Starting February 7 (GameSpot)
31-01-23 (22:27)   A bunch of games will be taken down from the Xbox 360 Marketplace soon (Neowin.net)
31-01-23 (16:45)   Feature: New Xbox Releases: All Games Coming Out In February 2023 (Pure Xbox)
30-01-23 (19:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | January 30 - February 3 (DualShockers)
30-01-23 (12:16)   Guide: New Xbox Games Release Dates In 2023 (Pure Xbox)
26-01-23 (18:12)   HP Envy x360 13 vs. Dell XPS 13: the best tiny laptop? (Digital Trends)
16-01-23 (01:52)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | January 16 - January 20 (DualShockers)
14-01-23 (15:02)   HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 16: 2-in-1 laptop with good webcam for video conferencing (NotebookCheck.net)
12-01-23 (21:43)   PS5 Owners Are Worried About Standing The Console Vertically (They Shouldn't Be) (Kotaku)
09-01-23 (20:29)   Dead Space 2 Free On Steam For Those Who Order PC Remake (Kotaku)
09-01-23 (02:06)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | January 9 - January 13 (DualShockers)
08-01-23 (20:57)   HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop just got a massive $300 discount (Digital Trends)
07-01-23 (02:27)   Microsoft releases new Xbox update with "Recent Parties" feature and various fixes (Neowin.net)
05-01-23 (22:56)   New Xbox Series X bundle includes Forza Horizon 5 and tons of extras (Neowin.net)
05-01-23 (21:29)   Asus ROG Raikiri Pro Is a New Xbox Controller With a Built-in OLED Screen (IGN.com)
05-01-23 (18:24)   Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 Bundle, Preorders Live Now (GameSpot)
05-01-23 (17:22)   Lenovo's Project Chronos Concept Is Like Kinect Rebooted For The WFH Generation (SlashGear)
05-01-23 (15:41)   ASUS' new Xbox controller has a tiny, customizable OLED screen (Engadget)
05-01-23 (13:52)   Asus Reveals New Xbox Controller With OLED Screen (DualShockers)
05-01-23 (03:45)   HP EliteBook 1040 G10 and EliteBook x360 1040 G10 announced with new Raptor Lake P and U processors, a 120 Hz WQXGA screen, and a chassis made of recycled plastic (NotebookCheck.net)
30-12-22 (08:44)   15 Superb Cinematic Moments In Video Games (GamingBolt)
29-12-22 (20:12)   Asus ZenBook S 13 Flip vs. HP Envy x360 13: it comes down to price (Digital Trends)
25-12-22 (17:12)   Asus ZenBook S 13 Flip vs. HP Spectre x360 13.5: you can't go wrong (Digital Trends)
25-12-22 (14:25)   How to Setup A New Xbox X/S (Screen Rant)
22-12-22 (18:14)   The State Of Xbox And Game Pass In 2022 (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:43)   Demon's Souls, Everything Logitech, Kinect-Less Xbox Ones, GTAV (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:29)   Grand Theft Auto V $34, Dark Souls $6, Bioshock Infinite $20 [Deals] (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:14)   Deals: Battlefield 4, Humble Mobile Bundle 2, Gaming Keyboards, Pixar (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:14)   Moneysaver: Next-Gen Pre-orders, Humble Bundle, Hundreds, Recettear (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:00)   Big 3DS XL And Vita Discounts, BenQ Monitor, Graphics Cards [Deals] (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:00)   Deals: X-Files, Arkham Origins, Alien(s), Gaming Keyboard, The Hobbit (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (13:00)   The Moneysaver: Saints Row IV, Guild Wars, Into Darkness, Huge PC Sale (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (12:43)   The Moneysaver: Skyrim Legendary, Dark Arisen, Dark Souls, Metropolis (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (12:43)   The Moneysaver: Mass Effect Trilogy $20, Battlefield 4, Arkham Origins (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (12:14)   Moneysaver: GTAV, Logitech Gold Box, Saints Row IV, Rogue Legacy (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Last Day To Pre-Order Call Of Duty, Plus BF4 Premium, Origins [Deals] (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Moneysaver: Guardians Of Middle Earth, Defiance $5, Blacklist, BenQ (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Moneysaver: Elder Scrolls Anthology, Pre-Order Mania, Haswell, 3DS (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Moneysaver: The Stick of Truth, Skullgirls, Skyrim Legendary, X Zone (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Moneysaver: Amalur, Kentucky Route Zero, Mercenary Kings, Windows 8 (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   The Moneysaver: Blacklist, PSN Cash, Robotech, Headsets, Black Flag (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   The Moneysaver: Rayman Legends, Donkey Kong, The Last Guardian? (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   The Moneysaver: Sonic: Lost World, Skyrim Legendary, Xillia CE (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   Moneysaver: Walking Dead, Madden, Wii U Games, Apple TV, Serenity (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:43)   The Moneysaver: Your New Router & Gaming Headset, Plus Infinite Deals (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:00)   Playstation 4 Games, PS Vita, Lords of Shadow 2, DeathStalker [Deals] (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (11:00)   The Moneysaver: Your Company of Heroes 2 Beta Key (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (10:29)   The Moneysaver: 3DS Games, Plasma TV's, Audio-Technicas, Harry Potter (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (10:29)   Call Of Duty: World At War $35 On Amazon (Kotaku)
21-12-22 (10:29)   The Best Part Of Oblivion Was The Absurd Poison Apples (Kotaku)
20-12-22 (00:43)   High On Life Is Now The Most Popular Game On Game Pass (Kotaku)
16-12-22 (16:57)   Save $250 on HP's powerful Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop today (Digital Trends)
15-12-22 (18:59)   Today's top deals include an HP Envy x360 2-in-1, 75-inch Amazon Omni Series TV, Showtime subscriptions, and more (Mashable)
15-12-22 (18:20)   You can save $250 on the HP Spectre x360 today (TheVerge)
13-12-22 (18:16)   Best upcoming Xbox One games to look forward to in 2023: New Xbox games coming soon (Pocket-lint)
12-12-22 (13:37)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | December 12 - December 16 (DualShockers)
09-12-22 (07:10)   New Xbox Insider Alpha update includes new controller firmware that fixes issues (Neowin.net)
06-12-22 (14:43)   HP's popular Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop is $350 off right now (Digital Trends)
06-12-22 (12:13)   New Xbox Series X|S first-party games to get price hike in 2023 (NME.COM)
05-12-22 (20:43)   Starfield Will Be $70 As Microsoft Confirms New-Gen Price Hike (Kotaku)
05-12-22 (04:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week | December 5 - December 9 (DualShockers)
02-12-22 (16:54)   Hello Neighbor 2, Chained Echoes and more releasing on Xbox next week (On MSFT)
01-12-22 (23:48)   Monster Hunter Rise Hits PlayStation And Xbox Next Month (GameInformer.com)
01-12-22 (09:23)   A new Xbox 360-inspired controller is on the way from Hyperkin (On MSFT)
29-11-22 (12:23)   Just Dance finally dumps Kinect and Xbox One with Just Dance 2023 (On MSFT)
29-11-22 (00:52)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week - November 28 - December 2 (DualShockers)
28-11-22 (14:57)   Save $350 on the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop for Cyber Monday (Digital Trends)
27-11-22 (21:12)   HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop is $350 off for Cyber Monday (Digital Trends)
26-11-22 (17:01)   Black Friday laptop deal 2022: HP Envy x360 touchscreen 2-in-1 is 40% off, now $499 (ZDNet News)
24-11-22 (21:12)   This golf robot uses a Microsoft Kinect camera and a neural network to line up putts (Engadget)
23-11-22 (18:54)   The Callisto Protocol, Need for Speed Unbound and more coming to Xbox next week (On MSFT)
22-11-22 (21:51)   Hyperkin Is Bringing Back The Xbox 360 Controller, But There's A Catch (SlashGear)
22-11-22 (20:41)   The Xbox 360's white gamepad is coming back for modern systems (Polygon)
22-11-22 (20:27)   Hyperkin is reviving the Xbox 360's iconic controller for Xbox Series X/S and PC (Engadget)
22-11-22 (19:25)   Beloved Xbox 360 Controller Has Come Back From The Dead (Screen Rant)
22-11-22 (18:43)   The Xbox 360 Controller Is Coming Back For Its 17th Birthday (Kotaku)
22-11-22 (17:24)   The Xbox 360 Controller (And Its Terrible D-Pad) Is Making A Comeback (GameSpot)
22-11-22 (15:40)   The Xbox 360 Controller is Back, and Now it Natively Works With Modern Consoles (Gizmodo)
22-11-22 (15:35)   Hyperkin is remaking the Xbox 360 controller for modern consoles and PC (TheVerge)
22-11-22 (15:29)   Microsoft's Iconic Xbox 360 Controller Is Being Resurrected (IGN.com)
21-11-22 (13:06)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (November 21st - November 25th) (DualShockers)
20-11-22 (00:43)   HP Envy x360 13 vs. Apple MacBook Air M2 (Digital Trends)
16-11-22 (17:29)   Moneysaver: Tomb Raider $10, Haswell Laptop, HDMI Cables, Gaming Mouse (Kotaku)
16-11-22 (17:14)   Microsoft Shelved Game Pass Streaming Box Because It Was Too Expensive (Kotaku)
16-11-22 (17:14)   New Humble Bundle, Ghosts For $45, Dexter, Breaking Bad [Deals] (Kotaku)
15-11-22 (07:37)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (November 14h - November 18th) (DualShockers)
14-11-22 (18:10)   Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Series S Bundle, Preorders Are Live Now (GameSpot)
13-11-22 (23:43)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 vs. Apple MacBook Air M2 (Digital Trends)
11-11-22 (17:09)   Here is next week's lineup of new Xbox releases (On MSFT)
10-11-22 (16:26)   HP's Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop just got a massive price cut (Digital Trends)
09-11-22 (08:23)   Microsoft's new Xbox Letterman Jacket is now available (On MSFT)
09-11-22 (02:12)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 vs. Apple MacBook Air M1 (Digital Trends)
08-11-22 (16:01)   The PS5 and Xbox Series Have Been A Total Bust So Far (GamingBolt)
08-11-22 (14:15)   Gears of War Franchise Has Sold Over 40 Million Copies (GamingBolt)
08-11-22 (03:06)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (November 7th - November 11th) (DualShockers)
08-11-22 (01:44)   Gears of War Live Action Movie and Animated Adaptation in the Works at Netflix (GamingBolt)
07-11-22 (08:15)   Dead Space 3 - Was It An Underrated Gem? (GamingBolt)
04-11-22 (16:23)   Coming to Xbox next week: Sonic Frontiers, Return to Monkey Island and more (On MSFT)
04-11-22 (01:46)   Ghostwire Tokyo Possibly Coming to Xbox Next Year (Sirus Gaming)
02-11-22 (14:43)   Monster deal knocks $300 off the popular HP Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop (Digital Trends)
02-11-22 (12:01)   Epic Games "Didn't Really Know What to Do" with Gears of War Before Selling it to Xbox - Cliff Bleszinski (GamingBolt)
31-10-22 (16:23)   New Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Games Releasing This Week (October 31st - November 4th) (DualShockers)
31-10-22 (00:12)   HP Envy x360 13 vs. Apple MacBook Air M1 (Digital Trends)
28-10-22 (15:54)   Here is a sneak peek at next week's new Xbox releases (On MSFT)
27-10-22 (17:10)   New Xbox Home Screen UI Goes Heavy On Game Pass (GameSpot)
27-10-22 (13:49)   Microsoft's new Xbox Home UI feels like a giant Game Pass ad (TheVerge)
26-10-22 (23:43)   Save $250 on the HP Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop when you shop today (Digital Trends)
26-10-22 (20:29)   The Red Ring Of Death Stalked All My Friends, And Then It Came For Me (Kotaku)
26-10-22 (09:52)   Age of Empires 2 And 4 Heading To Xbox Next Year (DualShockers)
25-10-22 (22:43)   Age of Empires 2 and 4 Are Headed to Xbox Next Year (IGN.com)
25-10-22 (22:12)   2 Age of Empires games are coming to Xbox next year, including a classic (Digital Trends)
25-10-22 (20:48)   Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition And Age Of Empires IV Will Hit Xbox Next Year (GameInformer.com)
25-10-22 (03:37)   New Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Games Releasing This Week (October 24th - October 28th) (DualShockers)
23-10-22 (15:12)   HP Envy x360 13 (2022) review: an incredible laptop value (Digital Trends)
22-10-22 (14:45)   Best Buy discounting the latest HP Envy x360 13 with 8 GB of fixed RAM to just $700 USD (NotebookCheck.net)
21-10-22 (17:23)   Here are the new games coming to Xbox next week, October 24-28 (On MSFT)
20-10-22 (12:16)   New Xbox Series X/S update lets you control your TV's volume (Pocket-lint)
18-10-22 (03:52)   New Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Games Releasing This Week (October 17th - October 21st) (DualShockers)
13-10-22 (18:12)   New Xbox service lets players submit accessibility feedback to developers (Digital Trends)
13-10-22 (03:27)   New Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead build brings 30% bitrate boost to Game DVR (Neowin.net)
13-10-22 (01:12)   Dell XPS 13 alternative: HP Spectre x360 is $350 off today (Digital Trends)
11-10-22 (20:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (October 10th - October 14th) (DualShockers)
10-10-22 (22:46)   Possible New Xbox Streaming Device Teased by Phil Spencer (Sirus Gaming)
10-10-22 (21:14)   Fans Think Xbox Boss Just Revealed Game Pass Streaming Device [Update] (Kotaku)
10-10-22 (18:38)   A New Xbox Console Is Already Being Teased (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-10-22 (19:41)   Microsoft fixes force feedback for some steering wheels in new Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead update (Neowin.net)
04-10-22 (20:43)   Xbox Game Pass Is Surprisingly Loaded This Month (Kotaku)
04-10-22 (12:52)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (October 3rd - October 7th) (DualShockers)
30-09-22 (22:46)   Leak Reveals Possible New Xbox Controller (Sirus Gaming)
29-09-22 (04:44)   Terraria Gets New Changes, Features and Quality of Life Updates in Patch 1.4.4, Out Now (GamingBolt)
27-09-22 (18:10)   Microsoft's New Xbox Mineral Camo Controller Is Pure Blue Serenity (GameSpot)
26-09-22 (20:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (September 26th - September 30th) (DualShockers)
26-09-22 (18:57)   HP flash sale: Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop just got a $130 price cut (Digital Trends)
26-09-22 (18:54)   Certain Affinity working on Halo Infinite Battle Royale and new Xbox title (On MSFT)
25-09-22 (22:12)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 vs. Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 7: premium 2-in-1 showdown (Digital Trends)
23-09-22 (22:00)   Xbox Launches 'Project Amplify' To Address Gaming's Desperate Need For More Black Developers (Kotaku)
23-09-22 (19:12)   We can't believe how big this HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop's discount is (Digital Trends)
23-09-22 (17:26)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 vs. Dell XPS 13 Plus: flagship battle (Digital Trends)
23-09-22 (16:55)   New Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller Comes With Free Game (GameSpot)
23-09-22 (15:11)   Xbox Kinect Ruined A Sonic The Hedgehog Trilogy (Screen Rant)
20-09-22 (20:06)   10 Best Xbox 360 Games Ever Made, Officially Ranked (DualShockers)
20-09-22 (18:25)   Valheim & Deathloop Headline New Xbox Game Pass September Titles (Screen Rant)
19-09-22 (19:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (September 19th - September 23rd) (DualShockers)
16-09-22 (15:41)   Phil Spencer Explains Why Microsoft Won't Raise The Price Of A New Xbox (GameSpot)
16-09-22 (12:41)   Games with Gold: Portal 2 goes free and becomes final Xbox 360 title on offer (Neowin.net)
15-09-22 (17:10)   New Xbox Game Pass titles include Ni No Kuni, Danganronpa (Polygon)
15-09-22 (14:34)   Deathloop Hits Xbox Next Week, New Update Includes Extended Ending, Crossplay, And More (GameInformer.com)
12-09-22 (20:52)   New Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Games Releasing This Week (September 12th - September 16th) (DualShockers)
12-09-22 (14:41)   Here's The New Xbox UI In Action (GameSpot)
12-09-22 (01:15)   Assassin's Creed Franchise Has Sold Over 200 Million Units to Date (GamingBolt)
11-09-22 (16:54)   Microsoft news recap: new Home UI coming to Xbox next year, redesigned Smart Campaigns experience for Microsoft Advertising, and more (On MSFT)
09-09-22 (17:09)   Here are the games coming to Xbox next week, September 12-16 (On MSFT)
08-09-22 (20:44)   Why Did Lost Planet Fail To Hit The Mark? (GamingBolt)
08-09-22 (20:30)   Why Did Lost Planet Failed To Hit The Mark? (GamingBolt)
08-09-22 (18:10)   Xbox Is Testing Out A New Xbox Homepage, Expected To Launch 2023 (GameSpot)
08-09-22 (18:06)   Microsoft To Release New Xbox UI Design In 2023 (DualShockers)
08-09-22 (17:06)   Microsoft starts testing new Xbox Home UI that will arrive in 2023 (TheVerge)
07-09-22 (18:57)   New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is Cheaper, Prettier (C-Net News.com)
07-09-22 (18:29)   Xbox Update Might Finally Shut Up Annoying Background Chat Noises Like Eating, Music (Kotaku)
07-09-22 (17:57)   This powerful HP Spectre x360 laptop got a $250 discount today (Digital Trends)
07-09-22 (16:06)   Microsoft's new Xbox Elite 2 'Core' controller is more affordable at $129.99 (TheVerge)
07-09-22 (14:10)   New Xbox Chat Feature Will Mute Your Gross Breathing (GameSpot)
06-09-22 (22:35)   New Xbox noise suppression will remove breathing, clicks, and music in party chats (TheVerge)
06-09-22 (20:27)   New Xbox system update brings party chat noise suppression and more (Neowin.net)
06-09-22 (12:13)   'Fallout: New Vegas' mod restores cut content from over a decade ago (NME.COM)
05-09-22 (21:06)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (September 5th - September 9th) (DualShockers)
05-09-22 (14:26)   HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop is $250 off in the HP Labor Day sale (Digital Trends)
05-09-22 (11:01)   What Went Wrong With Rambo: The Video Game? (GamingBolt)
02-09-22 (01:20)   Microsoft confirms new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan and its pricing (TheVerge)
01-09-22 (21:26)   HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop is $200 off in the HP Labor Day sale (Digital Trends)
31-08-22 (16:10)   Check Out These Huge New Xbox Store Sales (GameSpot)
31-08-22 (13:06)   Portal 2 is the last free Xbox 360 Games with Gold title (TheVerge)
30-08-22 (22:32)   Portal 2 ends 9 years of Xbox 360 "Games with Gold" freebies (Ars Technica)
30-08-22 (18:24)   Xbox Games With Gold retires its Xbox 360 games with Portal 2 (Polygon)
30-08-22 (17:58)   Xbox Games with Gold for September includes 'Portal 2' and more (NME.COM)
30-08-22 (16:09)   Microsoft begins testing a new Xbox games library UI (On MSFT)
29-08-22 (16:06)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (August 29th - September 2nd) (DualShockers)
28-08-22 (11:30)   Diablo 3 Season 27 is Now Live With Sanctified Legendaries, New Powers, and More (GamingBolt)
27-08-22 (16:01)   Review: HP's 13.5-inch Spectre x360 is a top ultralightówith flair (Ars Technica)
23-08-22 (00:52)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (August 22nd - 26th) (DualShockers)
19-08-22 (16:40)   Here are the new games coming to Xbox next week, August 22 to 26 (On MSFT)
18-08-22 (22:00)   The Xbox Features Most People Forget About (Kotaku)
18-08-22 (07:31)   2022 HP Spectre x360 13.5 has fewer keyboard keys and a slower MicroSD reader than the 2020 model (NotebookCheck.net)
16-08-22 (17:11)   New Xbox Game Pass Titles Include Immortals Fenyx Rising, Coffee Talk (Screen Rant)
16-08-22 (00:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (August 15th - 19th) (DualShockers)
15-08-22 (21:43)   PS4 Sold Twice As Well As Xbox One, Microsoft Reveals (Kotaku)
12-08-22 (19:57)   HP Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop is $200 off in its Back-to-School sale (Digital Trends)
12-08-22 (18:54)   Here are the new releases coming to Xbox next week, August 15-19 (On MSFT)
11-08-22 (20:56)   Kinect Star Wars Showed Lucasfilm's Games Don't Need To Be So Serious (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (23:46)   New Xbox Elite Controller Video Gets Leaked Online (Sirus Gaming)
09-08-22 (19:41)   New Xbox Game Pass Day One Game Confirmed For September (GameSpot)
09-08-22 (00:23)   New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (August 8th - 12th) (DualShockers)
08-08-22 (13:43)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 review: back on top (Digital Trends)
05-08-22 (17:54)   Here is what's coming to Xbox next week, August 8-12 (On MSFT)
05-08-22 (16:01)   What Went Wrong With Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City? (GamingBolt)
05-08-22 (15:54)   Developers can now use more memory on new Xbox Series S development kit (On MSFT)
04-08-22 (22:41)   New Xbox Series S Developer Tools Grant Games More Memory (GameSpot)
04-08-22 (17:42)   Our favorite 2-in-1 laptop is on sale: Save $260 off the HP Envy x360 (Mashable)
02-08-22 (13:15)   What Exactly Made Saints Row 2 Stand Out? (GamingBolt)
01-08-22 (13:57)   Best Buy drops the price of the HP Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop by $300 (Digital Trends)
30-07-22 (01:37)   Why The Xbox Series X And S Is Outselling PS5 In Japan (DualShockers)
29-07-22 (17:54)   Here are the new games coming to Xbox next week (On MSFT)
29-07-22 (15:27)   Former Xbox executive says Microsoft "encouraged" console wars in 360 era (NME.COM)
28-07-22 (17:55)   Xbox Games with Gold retreads two Xbox 360 titles for August (Polygon)
28-07-22 (12:30)   11 Years Later, Dead Space 2 Is Still Pretty Scary (GamingBolt)
25-07-22 (17:01)   Borderlands 1, 2, and The Pre-Sequel Facing Issues Following New Updates (GamingBolt)
24-07-22 (01:11)   10 PS3 & Xbox 360 Games That Still Need Switch Ports | ScreenRant (Screen Rant)
22-07-22 (18:09)   Here is what's coming to Xbox next week, July 25-29 (On MSFT)
20-07-22 (20:29)   Xbox Is Finally Getting Real Discord Integration...Soon (Kotaku)
20-07-22 (16:34)   Discord's new Xbox integration will let you send voice chats to your console (TechCrunch)
19-07-22 (16:12)   Cheap 2-in-1 laptop: Save $160 on the HP Pavilion x360 today (Digital Trends)
19-07-22 (03:37)   New Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Game Releases This Week (July 18 - July 22) (DualShockers)
15-07-22 (17:54)   Here are the games coming to Xbox next week (July 18-22) (On MSFT)
14-07-22 (14:26)   There's still time to save $310 on the HP Envy x360 2-in-1 laptop (Digital Trends)
13-07-22 (17:27)   Konami is working to bring back delisted 'Metal Gear' games (NME.COM)
13-07-22 (10:44)   Konami is "Preparing to Resume Sales" of Previously Delisted Metal Gear Games (GamingBolt)
12-07-22 (15:43)   Prime Day Laptop Deal: Get the HP Spectre x360 for $470 off (Digital Trends)
12-07-22 (08:15)   Diablo 3 - Patch 2.7.4 PTR Goes Live Today on PC With Season 27 Content (GamingBolt)
08-07-22 (18:09)   Here are the games coming to Xbox next week July 11-15 (On MSFT)
08-07-22 (16:01)   Red Dead Redemption Still Deserves to be Remade, in Spite of Recent Rumours (GamingBolt)
08-07-22 (12:30)   Red Dead Online Will No Longer Receive Larger Updates as Rockstar Shifts Resources to GTA 6 (GamingBolt)
07-07-22 (07:44)   Diablo Immortal Will Receive Bigger Content Update Later This Month (GamingBolt)
07-07-22 (00:24)   Xbox Games with Gold dropping Xbox 360 games in October (Polygon)
06-07-22 (10:30)   Xbox Games with Gold to ditch Xbox 360 games soon (Pocket-lint)
06-07-22 (04:15)   Xbox Games With Gold to Stop Including Xbox 360 Games from October 2022 (GamingBolt)
05-07-22 (22:46)   Games with Gold Will No Longer Have Xbox 360 Titles Soon (Sirus Gaming)
05-07-22 (22:15)   Rockstar Focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6 After Reportedly Shelving Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 Remasters - Rumor (GamingBolt)
05-07-22 (21:14)   Xbox 360 Games Will No Longer Be A Part Of Games With Gold In October (Kotaku)
05-07-22 (18:55)   Xbox Games With Gold Will No Longer Offer Xbox 360 Titles From October (GameSpot)
05-07-22 (18:29)   Xbox Games With Gold Will No Longer Include Xbox 360 Games From October (IGN.com)
05-07-22 (18:13)   Xbox 360 titles no longer included in Games for Gold from October (NME.COM)
05-07-22 (18:10)   Microsoft will soon stop bundling Xbox 360 titles with Games with Gold (Neowin.net)
05-07-22 (17:58)   Xbox Games with Gold will no longer include Xbox 360 titles (Engadget)
05-07-22 (17:06)   Xbox 360 games will no longer be part of Xbox Games with Gold in October (TheVerge)
05-07-22 (16:43)   Microsoft will no longer offer Xbox 360 games via Games with Gold (Digital Trends)
05-07-22 (16:40)   Free Games with Gold to no longer include Xbox 360 titles starting October 2022 (On MSFT)
05-07-22 (16:24)   Xbox Games With Gold Will Reportedly No Longer Offer Xbox 360 Titles From October (GameSpot)
05-07-22 (13:30)   Red Dead Redemption 1 and GTA 4 Remasters Were in the Works, but Rockstar Decided to Shelve Them - Rumour (GamingBolt)
05-07-22 (03:15)   Ubisoft Announces Decomissioning of Online Services for Several Older Games (GamingBolt)
01-07-22 (18:54)   Here are the dozen games (that we know of so far) coming to Xbox next week July 4-8 (On MSFT)
28-06-22 (17:26)   Hurry and save $470 on the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop today (Digital Trends)
25-06-22 (23:03)   Total War: Three Kingdoms and FIFA 22 lead June's new Xbox Game Pass games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
23-06-22 (22:09)   Netflix Cuts 300 More Staff Amid Ongoing Financial Struggles (Gizmodo)
23-06-22 (18:06)   Microsoft Edge gets new Xbox and PC gaming performance features (TheVerge)
21-06-22 (16:24)   New Xbox Game Pass Games For June Include FIFA 22, Far Cry 5 (GameSpot)
17-06-22 (17:44)   New Xbox App update predicts if a PC can run games before downloading (NME.COM)
16-06-22 (21:29)   Over 30 New Xbox Demos On The Way For Summer Game Fest (Kotaku)
16-06-22 (11:09)   Redesigned Xbox 360 avatars are now rolling out to current-gen Xbox consoles and PCs (On MSFT)
16-06-22 (02:30)   Lollipop Chainsaw is Coming Back After 10 Years (GamingBolt)
15-06-22 (16:54)   Internet Explorer Is Dead-It's the End of an Era (Gizmodo)
15-06-22 (15:27)   'Lollipop Chainsaw' is making a comeback (NME.COM)
14-06-22 (22:19)   Valheim Coming To Xbox Next Year And PC Game Pass This Fall (GameInformer.com)
14-06-22 (17:09)   8BitDo's Lite SE Controller Helps Gamers With Limited Mobility By Putting All the Buttons on the Front (Gizmodo)
13-06-22 (02:40)   What Hideo Kojima's Ambitious New Xbox Game Might Be About (Den of Geek)
13-06-22 (00:29)   STALKER 2 Now Targeting the First Half of 2023, According to New Xbox Graphic (IGN.com)
12-06-22 (21:40)   Microsoft Teases New Xbox Game With Popular Developer Hideo Kojima (C-Net News.com)
12-06-22 (20:24)   Hideo Kojima is working on a new Xbox game (Polygon)
12-06-22 (19:41)   A Plague Tale: Requiem Shows Off Its Grim World In New Xbox Showcase Trailer (GameSpot)
09-06-22 (21:43)   Save $320 on the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop with a 512GB SSD (Digital Trends)
09-06-22 (16:48)   Microsoft Reveals 'Curated Demos' Program For Game Pass Members, New Xbox Design Lab Colors (GameInformer.com)
09-06-22 (16:19)   Microsoft's new Xbox TV app will let players stream games on new Samsung smart TVs without a console (TechCrunch)
09-06-22 (14:06)   Microsoft's new Xbox TV app streams games without a console later this month (TheVerge)
09-06-22 (03:00)   Report: Microsoft Kinect Creator Resigns After Being Accused Of Watching 'VR Porn' At Work (Kotaku)
06-06-22 (22:12)   Save $340 on the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop with Windows 11 (Digital Trends)
06-06-22 (14:58)   More achievements for 'GoldenEye 007' port have been spotted (NME.COM)
03-06-22 (04:45)   Beautiful HP Spectre x360 16 with Core i7-11390H and 3K display goes on sale for US$989 (NotebookCheck.net)
02-06-22 (21:40)   Netflix Wants to Charge for Sharing Passwords (Gizmodo)
30-05-22 (16:57)   HP Spectre x360 is $470 off in the Memorial Day laptop sales (Digital Trends)
30-05-22 (02:15)   Gears of War's Multiplayer Was Almost Removed from the Game Mere Months Before Launch (GamingBolt)
28-05-22 (16:44)   Get a refurbished HP x360 33 G1 EE 11.6" ProBook before May 31 for just $239 (ZDNet News)
27-05-22 (17:54)   Xbox's Streaming Stick Goes Back to the Drawing Board (Gizmodo)
26-05-22 (18:20)   The HP Envy x360 2-in-1 is on sale for its lowest price ever at HP (TheVerge)
26-05-22 (16:31)   TCL reveals new Xbox Series S|X and PS5 Pro details with 2023/2024 slated releases (NotebookCheck.net)
26-05-22 (00:41)   PS5 Pro & New Xbox Coming In 2023? | GameSpot News (GameSpot)
25-05-22 (23:46)   PS5 Pro and New Xbox Series X Models Possibly Getting Released Soon (Sirus Gaming)
25-05-22 (19:41)   TCL Apparently Thinks PS5 Pro And New Xbox Are Coming In 2023/24 (GameSpot)
25-05-22 (19:01)   PS5 Pro and New Xbox Series X/S Launching in 2023/2024, According to TCL Technology (GamingBolt)
25-05-22 (14:45)   HP Pavilion x360 14: Convertible Intel Alder Lake laptop debuts from US$599 with an optional 5G modem (NotebookCheck.net)
25-05-22 (14:15)   Years Later, Portal Is Still A Masterpiece (GamingBolt)
25-05-22 (12:15)   Dragon's Dogma's 10th Anniversary Celebrated with New Website (GamingBolt)
24-05-22 (22:14)   Human Woman Kissing Simulator Sonic '06 Relisted In Xbox 360 Store (Kotaku)
24-05-22 (14:06)   HP's Pavilion x360 14 will be one of the most affordable 5G laptops (TheVerge)
23-05-22 (16:13)   'Metal Gear Solid 4' only came to PS3 as Kojima "wasn't ready" to port it (NME.COM)
19-05-22 (16:31)   HP Envy x360 15.6 now available in Alder Lake-P and Barcelo-U variants with 5 MP webcam for enhanced remote collaboration (NotebookCheck.net)
19-05-22 (16:31)   HP Spectre x360 16 now official with new hardware from Intel and an OLED panel (NotebookCheck.net)
19-05-22 (16:31)   HP Spectre x360 13: 2022 refresh announced with Intel Alder Lake processors and a 3K OLED display (NotebookCheck.net)
19-05-22 (16:31)   HP Envy x360 13 upgraded to Intel Alder Lake processors with an optional 2.8K OLED display (NotebookCheck.net)
19-05-22 (15:20)   HP's new Spectre x360 16 laptop is all-in on Intel (TheVerge)
19-05-22 (15:11)   HP Buffs up Envy, Spectre x360 Laptops on the Inside (C-Net News.com)
19-05-22 (14:16)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 (2022) initial review: A lovely step up (Pocket-lint)
19-05-22 (14:12)   HP Spectre x360 13.5 hands-on review: Refinements that matter (Digital Trends)
19-05-22 (14:12)   New HP Spectre x360 16 ditches Nvidia, embraces Intel Arc (Digital Trends)
19-05-22 (11:01)   Red Dead Redemption Remake and Red Dead Redemption 2 Current-Gen Upgrade Are in the Works - Rumour (GamingBolt)
19-05-22 (00:23)   Netflix Kneecapped Its Own Efforts to Champion Diverse Shows, Axed Writers Say (Gizmodo)
18-05-22 (11:44)   'Diablo 3' almost had a 'League Of Legends'-inspired PvP mode (NME.COM)
16-05-22 (13:58)   'Gears Of War' might be getting a "'Master Chief Collection'-type treatment" (NME.COM)
16-05-22 (10:01)   Diablo 3 Has Had 65 Million Players Since Launch (GamingBolt)
13-05-22 (18:35)   The HP Envy x360 2-in-1 is on sale for its lowest price ever at Best Buy (TheVerge)
11-05-22 (21:10)   New Xbox Store Sale Includes Some Incredible Bundle Deals (GameSpot)
11-05-22 (14:44)   What Made X-Men Origins: Wolverine A Great Game? (GamingBolt)
10-05-22 (16:40)   Happy 10th Anniversary to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (On MSFT)
10-05-22 (14:13)   'Metal Gear Solid 5"s nuclear disarmament community mission made impossible by Konami (NME.COM)
06-05-22 (19:09)   Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and 13 other games coming to Xbox next week (On MSFT)
06-05-22 (17:43)   Save $150 on this HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop today (Digital Trends)
05-05-22 (22:06)   Skyrim Mod Lets Players Create Elden Ring-style Player Messages (DualShockers)
04-05-22 (19:52)   Strange Skyrim Glitch Lets Players Fly Using Just a Bowl (DualShockers)
03-05-22 (22:54)   New Xbox Series X Controller Colors Include Deep Pink, Tartan (Gizmodo)
02-05-22 (13:27)   The original 'Forza Horizon' was briefly available to buy on the Xbox store (NME.COM)
28-04-22 (12:02)   HP Spectre x360 16: US pricing announced for upcoming Intel Core i7-1260P and Intel Arc A370M model (NotebookCheck.net)
22-04-22 (18:40)   17 months after launch, Xbox Series X/S is on track to outsell Xbox 360 (On MSFT)
22-04-22 (17:40)   Ubisoft quietly shutting down online features for many of its classic Xbox 360 games (On MSFT)
22-04-22 (11:44)   10 Reasons Why Mass Effect 3 is Still Worth Revisiting (GamingBolt)
21-04-22 (11:27)   Original 'Halo' composers say Microsoft dispute has been "amicably resolved" (NME.COM)
20-04-22 (00:40)   Netflix Is Finally Cutting You Off From Your Ex's Uncle's Account (Gizmodo)
14-04-22 (14:26)   HP Spectre x360 16 Review: Big, Luxurious 2-in-1 for Creatives (C-Net News.com)
12-04-22 (16:55)   New Xbox Series X Chip Reportedly In Development, But Don't Expect Better Performance (GameSpot)
12-04-22 (11:15)   Diablo 3 Patch 2.7.3 Preps for Season 26, Updates Xbox Series X Resolution to Native 4K (GamingBolt)
08-04-22 (19:06)   This HP Envy X360 laptop with an OLED screen is just $700 at Best Buy (TheVerge)
08-04-22 (18:54)   Here are the games coming to Xbox next week (On MSFT)
07-04-22 (17:41)   The 15 Best Xbox 360 Games Ever Made (GameSpot)
05-04-22 (22:18)   Life Is Strange: True Colors among April's new Xbox Game Pass games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
04-04-22 (11:01)   Video Game Releases This Week: Inversion, Shank 2, Darkness 2 And More (GamingBolt)
01-04-22 (17:00)   The Xbox Series X Is Easy To Buy For The First Time In Years (Kotaku)
30-03-22 (10:44)   Xbox Live Games with Gold for April include 'Hue' and 'Another Sight' (NME.COM)
29-03-22 (07:23)   New Xbox app spotted for an unknown upcoming service (On MSFT)
28-03-22 (16:12)   MSI Summit E16 Flip vs. HP Spectre x360 16 (Digital Trends)
23-03-22 (18:41)   New Xbox Game Sale Includes A Bunch Of Hit Games For Low Prices (GameSpot)

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